I have known Roger since 2006, when we began the initial process of planning a smaller home to be constructed beside the original family home in Highlands, N.C.

From that point on and continuing through the entire building process, my husband and I had the up-close and personal opportunity to become well-acquainted with Roger. Although my husband passed before the house was completed, if he were writing this recommendation, his words would mirror mine. 

Roger is truly and simply an amazing man. He is endowed with unbelievable skills as a builder of asthetically beautiful, surperbly built, high-end homes. His physically strong and has boundless energy. His communications skills are impressive. He keeps his clients in the information loop and, as a result, the building process is a successful team approach and very seamless. 

It is his personhood, however, that I would like to expound on. His value system is stellar - he is honest, dependable, trustworthy and reliable. He will research, probe and investigate all possible options in order to find the best possible buy for the home- as if the building funds were his own. He is an exceptionally caring individual and the concern he extends to others is at a very deep level. His positive attitude and keen sense of humor are literally contagious. To know Roger is a total pleasure. 

I recommend him without reservation.
Carolyn Fouts, Ph.D

To whom it may concern, 

Relative to the qualifications of Mr. Roger Kennerly and his company, this letter comes with the HIGHEST recommendation one could possibly give. We are now living in a custom home designed and built by Mr. Kennerly and could not be happier with the way our home has turned out. There is no way we could ever list ALL of his qualifications, but below are a few top ones. 

Expert in his field
A master in building houses

Mr. Kennerly is the BEST in the business as far as we are concerned. We are already planning to use him on our next home. 

Mack and Judy Langston

I would like to tell you about Roger Kennerly. 

My wife and I began our associations with Roger Kennerly when we contracted him to build a house for us. He quickly proved highly effective in meeting our requirements in building a custom home. He was attentive to detail, his suggestions were helpful and often cost effective and he was always accommodating to our needs. It was a pleasure to work with him, so much so that we have contracted with him to build another home for us. 

We have built many homes across the U.S. and have dealt with many builders. Based on our experience we can unhesitatingly recommend Roger Kennerly and his company.

Joyce and Dennis Pope

I am writing a letter of recommendation for Roger Kennerly. He has worked with my wife and me as a general contractor for almost 5 years. Roger is a man of high moral values. In our interactions with him he has not only behaved in a highly professional manner but he is a man of high character and integrity. He is honest, straightforward and trustworthy. His skills as a contractor are of the highest caliber. He has shown great ability and competency at his work. He possesses great insight and ingenuity. To anyone who asks, I give him my highest recommendation. 

Abenamar Arrillaga MD FACS FCCP

We contracted with Roger to build our dream house. Throughout the building process Roger was very helpful in every aspect. He gave us advance notice in asking us to select items such as plumbing, electrical fixtures, cabinetry and tile etc. I remember meeting with him on several occasions for hours together with his sub-contractors electrical, plumbing etc. This process saved us a tremendous amount of money. He gave us great ideas and suggestions in several areas which we incorporated into our home and we are extremely pleased with the results. He never hesitated when we asked him to execute changes in certain areas. 

My wife and I have built a great relationship with him over the last two years. Roger is a very honest and ethical person. In one instance, we overpaid an invoice and after several months he came back to us and told us that we overpaid him by $4,000 and promptly returned the money. It is very hard to find someone with those ethics in the construction business. We have been in our dream home for quite awhile now and are enjoying every moment we are in the house. Our friends and family who visit our home appreciate his work, particularly the expertly crafted “trim” work throughout the house. 

We are extremely satisfied with his work and would love to build another house with him. I Highly recommend him to my friends and business associates.

Roger you are a fantastic guy to work with, keep up the good work!

S.P. Reddy

My wife and I began building a new custom home with Roger Kennerly and his company as a general contractor. Before we even broke ground we had to make major architectural revisions to the house plans. Roger worked closely with the architect and saved the day with helpful suggestions, new ideas and the ability to work with and evolving plan. From that point on, we knew we had the right contractor. 

Throughout the building process, Roger has been a pillar of strength and encouragement. His promises to have various phases of the job complete to our satisfaction were always met and his willingness to correct any deficiencies never wavered. He, personally, has spent many hours at the house putting finishing touches on various aspects. We can vouch for his woodworking ability as well as his always positive, respectful attitude. In addition, he brings a willingness to work and the ability to problem solve and propose options. 

Should your plans cross Roger’s desk, you would be hard pressed to find a better, more interested and concerned general contractor than Roger Kennerly. He has more than met our expectations and we feel confident that he will exceed yours

Alan and Janet Boe

To whom it may concern:

Please consider the letter as acknowledgment that Roger Kennerly has done an admirable job construction homes at Chateau Elan for over five years now. I do not know of any complaints from his homeowners and additionally can endorse Roger for his work on a personal residence he built for me in Highlands, N.C.

Phil Mulherin
V.P. of Development
Chateau Elan Resort and Spa