Custom Home Design

We have always enjoyed working with Architects and will continue to do so as a builder bringing to life their vision of the clients perfect home. Architects seem to like working with us as we have a deeper understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. 

In addition to building we offer design services that are not typical. All architects strive to design with their own signature style.  We create homes that are based on historical details of the period chosen by our client. A “brand new” old home if you will. Truly the best compliment we receive is that our home “looks like it has been there for a 100 years!”

As with any design process there is an initial consultation to determine the clients wants and needs as far as style, size and special features.

The next step is to visit the site and determine what type of footprint would be the most cost effective design for the home. For example, you really don’t want to put a very deep home on a lot that slopes severely front to back. The reason being the foundation may end up with not only a basement but a sub basement which is a considerable expense. A wider more shallow home would be the preferred choice in this instance.

Also it is very important to have the site evaluated by a geotechnical engineer to determine if there are any existing problems with the soil or slope supporting the home. Most companies skip this step but to us it is one of the most important. It is quite possible here in the mountains to find both unstable sloped material as well as flat swampy material. Both of which can impact the project or worse case require a new site to be chosen. 

The setbacks of the property also have to be considered as on smaller lots they determine the maximum width of the home.

Septic systems requirements (if any) can also effect the homes footprint so these need to be considered as well.  

Knowing the clients desires and the site restrictions we can then do a rough sketch of the home to be discussed with the client. 

Once this initial design is approved the formal design is put in motion. The details of which are discussed as they arise along the way. 

Upon final design approval the building permit is obtained and the project begins. However the design does not always stop there. Since we are also building the home, sometimes we see really wonderful cost effective changes that can implement as it is being constructed.

One thing that is unique with us being both the designer and builder is our attention to the budget from the beginning. The whole project is “value engineered” to provide the client with the most bang for their buck. We never cut corners as far as the structural safety of the home but can find our clients savings through layout and material choices.

As we mentioned earlier it is very important to us that this process be as much fun as is possible. It is our mission to “give you what you want” instead of “telling you what you need”.