Custom Homebuilding

We have been building for quite awhile and our clients find a great deal of comfort in knowing that we have pretty much seen it all when it comes to new home construction. Unlike many builders we are at the job site every day for the majority of the day.  This is not because we “have” to be there but because we “want” to be there. 

We have a “whatever it takes” mentality when it comes to problem solving and will do just that to have a happy client throughout the entire construction process. Customer satisfaction is truly our greatest reward. We enjoy getting to know our clients and their neighbors. These same clients find comfort long after the sale in seeking either our help or advice for additional projects.

We use the same group of artisans and trades on each project securing a higher chance for success and greater quality control. Some have been with us since the late 1990’s. We determine our trades by the quality of their work not the cost of their bid. This has generated a far superior product to most of our competition with minimal additional expense.

All of our structures regardless of design are built the same way. “Overkill” is our favorite word when it comes to anything structural. This is what is usually referred to when someone says “built like they used to”. We build a very “stout” house. 

We involve geotechnical engineers at the beginning of the project to ensure that the ground itself is capable of holding the home we are putting on it. Then structural engineers are involved in creating the structural skeleton. The completed framing is then inspected by the trades, us, the city/county building officials and structural engineers. This leaves little chance of anything being overlooked. 

A great deal of thought is put into every aspect of the building process. For this reason we rarely have any call backs in regards to warranty issues. We implement practices of higher standards more typically used in commercial applications. When we were building in Georgia, these practices so impressed local building officials that they appointed us to the Braselton Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

In addition to our home building skills we pride ourselves in keeping as many existing trees as possible on the property. We have attended the National Arbor Day Foundation’s “Building with Trees” seminar and are members of this foundation. Our graders refer to us in jest as “tree huggers” which we take as a great compliment. 

Understanding that erosion is a major concern we have achieved National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System “NPDES” Certification for storm water discharges associated with construction activity for common developments. We implement measures on our properties to do whatever is necessary to contain sedimental run off.