Period Home Restoration

Few projects are more satisfying than bringing a period home back to it’s former glory!! We have the unique skill set that allows us to create a blueprint of the existing house, design any alterations and submit both to the local governing bodies for approval. As well as all the artisans to save, restore and build whatever is necessary.

There are many things to consider before you jump into a project of this scope. 

First consider the structural integrity of the home. Believe it or not “Building Codes” are relatively new regulations that were put in place to keep the public safe. Some remote places in the US have not even adopted these yet. So it is very important to inspect the home thoroughly in this regard. 

Then the home needs to be tested for the big four.


The testing needs to happen very early in the project as it could define a large portion of both the budget and the scope of work. We have a great team for both testing and remediation if necessary. 

Next you have to consider if the house systems are safe or even present. Typically the original systems were put in well but the items that have been added over time were not.

Air Conditioning

Then you finally get to the more enjoyable path of adding up the cost to repair the exterior elements as well as the interior walls, ceilings and floors. 

So as you can see there are a great deal of potentially hidden costs that need to be investigated when considering this path. Not for the faint of heart but certainly worth the effort!!  In the end, few things are as satisfying as preserving a wonderful piece of architectural history!

Please let us know if you have a project in mind and we would be happy to help determine if it’s needs fit your budget requirements.